Site announcement: A new home for Royal Blues

As you might have heard (or might not), this site’s home – the Most Valuable Network – is shutting down. Luckily, MVN’s loving curator Evan Brunell, took care to find homes for MVN blogs.

My new home will be with Real Clear Sports, but that’s all I know at this point. I’d like to extend a warm “THANK YOU” to Evan for all the work and resources he put in to building MVN over the past six years. I’ve found some wonderful bloggers and fellow Royals sufferers fans by reading MVN blogs, and I’ve enjoyed being part of the network for the past year or so.

3 Responses to “Site announcement: A new home for Royal Blues”

  1. Thomas Jackson Says:

    Goodbye, farewell, Minda, loved your work here at MVN… will look forward to reading you at your new home. Shame about MVN…. hope I can find a home, too, for Eagles Eye…will miss your column, a lot… Tom at Eagles Eye

  2. Joe M Says:


    In case you don’t like Real Clear Sports we would be happy to host your blog over at

  3. Matt Says:

    I’m sorry to see your blog here going away (and your other one, too). You’ve been my go-to source for Royals news online (especially the minor league side of the organization) and I hope your new home will remain that. Thanks for the great columns.

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